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Notes to the

1 Accounting policies
2a Analysis of sales
2b Analysis of total operating profit
2c Share of operating loss of joint ventures
2d Share of operating profit of associates
2e Analysis of capital employed
3 Analysis of consolidated profit and loss account
4a Profit/(loss) on sale of fixed assets and investments
4b Profit/(loss) on sale of subsidiaries and associates
5 Net finance costs
6 Net interest payable - Group
7 Taxation
8 Dividends on equity shares
9 Earnings per share
10a Employee information
10b Pensions
10c Other post-retirement benefits
11 Intangible fixed assets
12 Tangible fixed assets
13 Joint ventures
14 Associates
15 Other fixed asset investments
16 Stocks
17 Debtors
18 Cash at bank and in hand
19a Financial instruments - Maturity of borrowings and other financial liabilities
19b Financial instruments - Borrowings by instrument
19c Financial instruments - Undrawn committed borrowing facilities
19d Financial instruments - Currency and interest rate risk profile
19e Financial instruments - Currency exposures
19f Financial instruments - Fair values of financial assets and financial liabilities
19g Financial instruments - Hedges
20 Other creditors
21 Deferred taxation
22 Provisions for liabilities and charges
23 Share capital
24 Reserves
25a Acquisitions - Acquisition of subsidiaries
25b Acquisitions - Cash flow from acquisitions
26a Disposals - Disposal of subsidiaries
26b Disposals - Cash flow from disposals
27a Notes to consolidated cash flow statement - Reconciliation of operating profit to net cash inflow from operating activities
27b Notes to consolidated cash flow statement - Analysis of net debt
27c Notes to consolidated cash flow statement - Reconciliation of net cash flow to movement in net debt
28 Contingent liabilities
29 Commitments under leases
30 Related parties
31 Post balance sheet events
32 Company balance sheet as at 31 December 2004
33 Notes to the company balance sheet
34 Principal subsidiaries and associates

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